• Tera S.T

    Hi, this site is nicely done, but why seems stagnant? & what happened to BTC Store?

  • Tony Tanner

    Bought OTO but no DL link in members area and couldn't get the submit ticket system to work

  • Bob Brown

    Why are the training videos so small. Hard to read plus if I zoom in the image is blurred so it is still unreadable.

    What not have a tutorial written out to help us get started and then to create our first store or when the 10 DFY stores are purchased give a written tutorial for what to do first, second and so on to get the stores up and running?

  • PK Smith

    I got to step 5 of 5 in the configurator and no matter what category/keyword I used it returned nothing. I went to Amazon and searched category there, copied then pasted to the configurator and still received no response. I was thwarted in attempting to bring products to my store, please advise.

  • Fred G Slabine


    On my first leadbox I inputted my html code in the Leadbox Options, and when I click on Get Seen on the internet it goes to my home page in Leadbox not where I want it to go. How do I tell it to go where it should go or

  • Olivia Ponce

    PK Smith - make sure that you also register for AWS Web Services. I had the same problem until I signed up and then my API keys worked! You can actually create the keys withut registering! But you can't use them until you're registered...go figure!!

  • Vernonfindlay

    I love what I am seeing my problem is step 6 I am not able to configure step #6 no matter how hard I try please show us what to do

  • Eleanor Hope

    Have problem with step 2 in how to start pdf training in members area.
    step 2 to click on subdomains to then click on site admin area is not available. takes me to Sites - Add new site / Create from Vidlify and Search. also not able to get submit ticket to work. appreciate this is launch time but was already to get started - may not get another chance soon enough...

  • h grycner

    support site hard to read. black letters on blue....why not black letters on white?!!

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